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After the great success last year with the dj Tiesto Global Dance Festival proved to be the ultimate dance event of the summer!
Over 12,000 spectators experienced a unique musical experience. Special effects, music and sounds made the night memorable July 4th!
This year the Global Dance Festival returns with guests that grace the top 10 in the world!


The Dutch producer and dj, voted for three consecutive years (08/09/2007) The No. 1 DJ in the world (!) According to the DJ MAG TOP 100. H weekly show called «State of Trance» has more than 30 million listeners in over 40 countries and is most popular in the world!
He visited Greece several times raising more and more fans. This time it will enjoy a unique show for the first time in our country!


Born in Southampton and a resident of Manchester o Gareth Emery is a producer and dj in the world of trance. With diverse musical backgrounds and influences, studied piano, jazz and a little punk rock evolved in a few years in one of the biggest djs of trance.
From the moment he entered the Top 100 DJ Mag 2006 the rise was fast ... # 34 in 2006, # 31 in 2007, # 23 in 2008, culminating in the top 10 in 2009!
Expected to be one of the world's next stars of trance with Paul Van Dyke and Ferry Corsten to believe this with interviews in the DJ MAG TOP 100 INTERVIEWS!

Grammy nominated DJ / Remixer DAVE AUDE

O No 1 remixer in the world in 2009, has 18 remixes, which climbed to No. 1 in Billboard!!!
With massive remixes for names such as U2, Sting, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Coldplay, Pussycat Dolls, Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, Donna Summer, Faith No More, Gorillaz and many more ....

He has three hit singles: "Floor filler tune" (US Dance # 20-1999), "Common Ground" (US Dance # 4-2006) and "Make it Last" (US Dance # 1-2007) together with its own label Audacious Records.
He was also curator of the musical world tour of Pussycat Dolls in 2009.


O Kostas K (ECOTEK) is a Greek accomplished musician and DJ, founder of the Global Dance Festival. He has collaborated with prominent DJs, artists and labels abroad and has assets of successes that went Top 10 in the techno charts.
Born in Athens, studied music at a very low degree in music with the guitar and drums.
He lives in America while the Global Dance Festival collaborates with artists and major labels as the label of Tiesto Magik Music, Ultra Records, Records and Chtravaganza Mirror Music.
In late June released its new global single Ecotek feat Elijah entitled "Into the night" on Ultra Records New York / ekotecmusic


We knew from All This Love that we hear constantly on the radio although the house became known producer from the remix made in «Dirty Sunday» Phatjack of which first appeared in the collection «Nu Soundz of Everything Volume 1» but was included recently in collection "This is Audiotherapy» of Dave Seaman!

To album «Season One» by Sound of Everything offered in Dimi Phaze wide recognition. The success of All This Love (with vocals of Mary Jeras) especially loved while «Underwater» used in the film

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director Alain Resnais

How you decided to film the novel L'Incident, by Christian Gailly?

Producer Livia Jean-Louis asked me to assist him with filming. At first, he wanted to be an adaptation of a theater. I read dozens of songs already when I came by chance over a novel by Christian Gailly, book I found a charming, humorous and melancholy. I was so seduced by another novel that I read and I immediately phoned the next day, Jean-Louis Livia to say: "That sound, that we seek blue note of weeks, I found it. Gailly's writing is so musical that if talking to someone after finishing one of his books, we speak as one of his characters. The dialogues are like his solo numbers. Irene Lindon, director of Editions of Minuit, who published his books Gailly, told us that the film rights to 12 of them are available. Then I wanted to meet with Gailly.He gave me all freedom to choose the book then you shoot, after I had read only four. Seemed worried by the idea that a film will be confused because he had all the energy in the draft at that time. When I proposed shy not ever bother him, not to require additional scenes, or to ask advice about the roles of actors and adapt or not to show as a movie than a standard childrenwill approve or not. Then I saw a big smile on his face. Next day I read novels that I was left to be discovered and I suggested to Jean-Louis L'Livia to film the incident, which he thought already. This book was the most expensive camera, but Livia, with executive producer Julie Salvador, considered it worthwhile to seek adventure.

What has seduced you most about L'Incident?

I was marked by the persistence of Georges and Marguerite Muir Palette, actors, who are unable to resist irrational need of compliance actions, demonstrating an incredible vitality that we consider a race to the error. L'incident speaks of "the desire to want" (Livia's expression is), this desire has left George in anything, even before a meeting on Marguerite, with whom he talked on the phone.

Why have you given the title of wild grasses?

I thought the title match those characters who are completely irrational instincts, like herbs that are roots through cracks in the pavement in some city or on some rocks in the country adrift.
Sugeraţi o traducere mai bună

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On June 11th FIFA World Cup starts, the most important sports competition in the world. It is the first time this event is held every four years, is organized on the African continent, namely South Africa. As we used before are home all kinds of projections about who will win the title supreme, surprises and disappointments that are, or what players will come on stage along with the World.

Almost universally accepted is that Spain has the best chance to prevail, the proof is the results of the last two years, and fantastic game which can be summarized by his statement after the match Thierry Henry France - Spain 0-2: "You can not get the ball! " . Second on my list of favorite team is Brazil, which always came when a World with a team that did not seem the favorite, managed to win, in addition to this, the Brazilians are doing much better when the World Cup is not carried in Europe. Good chance to see them also in Argentina, England and Holland, followed by Italy, France and Germany. In terms of surprises, they may come from "African Nationals, but especially from the nightmare of Romania, Serbia, the team are confident it will exceed expectations at the World Cup.


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A reference to Africa, is often too distant from the sense of infinity, it seems mysterious and unattainable within the film. But when you come into contact with Chan Lai-sun in Africa to enjoy its vast expanse of earth, cool and bright blue sky Clear, lively jumping desert animals and wonderful arts and culture, after which many original landscape ethnic and rich colors will make you praise and reluctant one memorable afternoon.

The "rainbow collage
fly in the Kingdom of the Garden of Eden", an image that Africa will not be remote, not a dark continent, nor is a general impression that is full of traditional areas of hunger and poverty. This film is the integration of the beauty of nature and civilization paradise.Although few people, most modern Western society-technology products, it is more than nature has given vast landscape and breadth of vision, in general, people know Tin Lok life, made life living sunrise sunset, the sun and Heaven and Earth months share gas, and always warm embrace of the African earth.

Want to know the particular intercontinental, we feel curious and fun to explore this beautiful land.

1, Africa historic development

Africa is "Afrika Island" is shorthand, Latin is intended to mean "place where the hot sun," Afrir Phoenician text is "black" means. Africa is the cradle of humanity, known as the "home of mankind," he said, about
一千五百万年 ago, African monkeys were many. In 1974, the Kenya Ethiopia border was found over 300 million years ago female ape-man fossils, "Lucy" was considered to be a world first through the rain forest and began to walk woman remains upright, the scientists will be the Great Rift Valley known as the cradle "of humanity."

UNESCO northeastern Egypt, North Africa, based in Memphis, the Nile and the West Bank and its base and a pyramid on the World Heritage List, as Memphis built the city last five thousand years of history can be observed that the development of civilization in Africa in the world as old as the other continents

n 1487, Portuguese Bartolomeu Dias, in encouraging the king, led the ship sailing from the south coast of Africa, arrived in South Africa's Cape of Good Hope. Over the voyage, the Portuguese brought more men and artillery to defeat organized resistance throughout the Indian Ocean, has established a number of commercial and military posts, and ultimately control the route leading to the East. The discovery of new routes in Europe has many assets, has brought pain and suffering in Africa.

Africa has a long history, vast, many tribes, coupled with its natural mineral wealth, just ordinary people, but has incurred unexpectedly coveted by foreign powers divided up the situation and, fortunately, twenty-first century, African countries have been out of colonial rule We expect also that the international wave of democracy under the hegemony of Western countries can compete in the mentality of power politics, so that Africa out of the shadow of the colonial period to rebuild the beautiful African garden of Eden.

additions to existing religious tribal religions, Christianity and Islam. Ritual ancient rock art in Africa can find its way .. Archaeologists sculptures of prehistoric rock art paintings in Africa and classified as the period of naturalism "" 12,000 BC - 8000 years, to an elephant, rhino, giraffe sculpture, primarily, etc.. "Round" period of about 8000-4000 BC, sculpture and painting have to co-exist, in addition to specific animals, there were scenes of ritual, "grazing period" 4000-1500 BC, in order to cattle-based. "Horse time" BC 1500 - the year the first year of the first year after the year is called "Camel period."

In South Africa, KwaZulu - Natal Drakensberg rock paintings found in Africa Yongsan (Rock Art), we explore the Bush era in the life of ancient hunting and religious observance. Most of Africa's rock art is carved in stone on the cliff or stone, its color is a mixture of animal blood limestone soil, animal fat, bone marrow, milk and protein Grinding will be painted in caves made from rocks. Although After thousands of years of natural weathering, the natural color of their style of ancient remains.

Petroglife registered African tribes living in this nation, from birth to death, faced a variety of ceremonies and celebrations, including birth to adulthood, court, marriage, coronation, seasonal worship, evil funeral. The oldest rock paintings are history, rock art conservation for these age old culture and life of Africans and leave behind precious records

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Football History

Although football was in the 19 century in England, but games like football has existed in ancient Greece (sphaira) and Rome (ollis). In Italy during the Renaissance played a game calcio. The first English club Sheffield Football Club was founded in 1863

Simpler type of football played in the streets of London in the 14th century than it was for his royal decree prohibited noise. Fifteenth century Florentine aristocracy gained popularity game similar to soccer - calcio. The first rules of the game as we know it today was formed in 1846 at Cambridge University. The aim was the unification of games played on English private schools.Soccer, known as soccer in America, distinguish it from rugby and other games, which it developed.

Football team has eleven players, one of whom is a goalkeeper. During the game is allowed a triple rotation, of which only one may be changing goalkeeper. Only the goalkeeper may touch the ball by hand, and only within the penalty area. The aim is to give the gate, winning team with more goals scored. The game lasts 45 minutes twice, with two extensions fifteen minutes, if the status undecided. Players place the ball to move the legs, head and other parts of the body except the hands. It allowed some physical contact between players.

World managing body is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association FIFA - International Football Federation, which was founded in 1904. The management center is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Federation is responsible prostřednictvým International football acociačního výboruza respect the game and kotninentálních distinguishes six groups:

AFC (Asia)
CAF (Africa)
CONCACAF (North America and the Caribbean Sea)
CONMEBOL (South America)
OFC (Oceania)
UEFA (Europe)
FIFA has approximately one hundred and eighty member countries. The best known and most prestigious club competition is CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - Champions League. Also known is the UEFA CUP - UEFA CUP.

we started playing football at the end of the 19th century in various sports clubs. In 1901 Czech Football Association was founded in the nineties of the 19th century were created famous clubs Sparta Prague and Slavia Prague. Slovak Republic are the first mention of football in 1893 from Banska Bystrica. In 1922, the Czechoslovak Football Association accepted as legitimate member of FIFA.

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Some games invented spontaneously and automatically, while others evolved in several stages, for a period of time.
To play tennis has a long history, which was the ancient Greeks and Romans, football games later became France game, called ((Jaidi paume)) and were probably ancestors of the game of tennis.
Word ((Tennis)), probably came from the French word ((Tenne)) means ((Get it and play)).
Some experts believe that this game began in Egypt and Iran, before the reign of King Arthur Charlemagne.
By 1300, we knew the game ((At boude)).
During the fourteenth century, took place this game in all parts of France.
In fact, the passion, France is noble, often for the game, even if King Louis X, died of cold, which was injured during the game, which then was like a game of tennis.
Called the game, the game of ownership, as kings of France and England have shown great interest in them.
Vhenri II was one of the best tennis player in France, and was later King Louis XIV, a regular tennis courts care of tiles missing.
And word came from the courts, for the first time in a book published in 1400.

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According to research from ChangeWave Research conducted in the United States last December and announced on 4.1.2010, the Google Android shows a clear increase in user preferences, the operating system of choice for following a smartphone market.

Features and said that by September 2009 Android was unable to win more than 6% of future buyers, within three months, the percentage ypetriplasiastike and reached 21%. The rapid increase was shown to the detriment of the iPhone and Windows Mobile, Palm OS / Web OS while the proportion of Intent for Blackberry remains essentially constant. However, the iPhone's lead among all major decisions in U.S. market share 28% of future buyers intentions.

n Finally, two interesting also from the same study are as follows: first, the market for smartphones in the U.S. is growing share among all mobile phone users has reached 42% to 15% was held in October 2006. Secondly, very high level of satisfaction with their phone users say the iPhone and Android devices (77% and 72%) and in last place are Windows Mobile devices happy state where only 25% of users.

Design: Touch Screen, Expansion slot: No, OS: Mac OS, display number: 1, Display resolution: 320 x 480, Camera: Yes, Resolution camera: 2 megapixel camera Maximum Resolution: 1600 x 1200, Blitz Board: No, Port infra: No, Bluetooth: Yes WiFi: Yes GPRS: Yes, EDGE: Yes, Connectivity HSCSD: No, GPS Module: Yes, ...

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Glenn Miller Orchestra

Prague - One of the most popular swing orchestras of the world, Glenn Miller Orchestra, after more than a year back to Prague. 9th January 2010 to eight in the evening show went Municipal House program and Swing bandleader WILA Saldena evening of elegance. For a great public interest was added fifth concert in the afternoon.

The concert consists of well-known swing and jazz songs, not only to shop its founder, Glenn Miller, but U.S. and other legends of this kind in 40 to 80 century. Moreover, for every ticket sold in price range 590 - 1690 CZK contribute an important partner concert BBH Endowment Fund Foundation crowns Teresa Maxová children. More information can be found on the web /-Glenn Miller-orchestra.php.

1942, Glenn Miller came up with the idea to cooperate with S. u. Air Force and established the U.S. Air Force Orchestra. Glenn Miller's life ended at the age of forty years in an unexplained plane crash ever (layout route from London to Paris left), but his fame has not faded. Tex Beneke, Glennova Orchestra, founded the New Glenn Miller Orchestra at the end of World War II. In 1956 the orchestra took over the Ray McKinley, a former drummer of Miller Air Force Orchestra, and bandleader was far more.

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Director web

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Lindsay Lohan showed a 'recovered' figure in St. Barts. Lindsay - who was by an extremely thin in recent months - seems to have gained some 'g' (yeap, I grams) and is not as skinny as before, right? The Mean Girl enjoyed some shopping and was walking with friends and her sister Ali - who incidentally is greater than Lilo! Poor Thing! Lindsay looks good, at least, no longer seems out of a concentration camp. By the way, has some bruises on her legs ... looks painful.

Lady GaGa when he was still an innocent child who went to church dressed in white for her first communion.
Who would have thought that this girl would be Lady GaGa today?, She comes out with such outfits as flashy and extravagant.

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HIGH Large building in the world

The show started with a combination of fireworks, lights, music and games, water effects that have described the evolution of the world's tallest building. Paratroopers have descended from heaven bearing flags of the Emirates. 50 separate sequences of light, water and sound effects were staged by the organizers who have used IT systems ultra.

This was followed three separate shows - "From the Burj Dubai Desert Flower", "beating heart" and "in Dubai & UAE to the world" - after which the organizers have staged a specatculos fireworks, meant to highlight the entire area
High Cost of Emirate.

Contributed to achieving performance specialists from France, Britain and the United States.

Several giant screens were placed in the central area of Dubai for the thousands of spectators can watch the show.

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After that in 2005 almost disappeared from the public scene after his acquittal in the case of a process that has been resounding accused of sexual abuse of a minor, Michael Jackson, aged 50 years, has reappeared in March in order to United announces return to the London concert scene with 50. But a return short-lived because the concerts were supposed to represent the curtain falls on a career started 40 years earlier.

In the years 1962-1964, is released the band Jackson Five, consisting of Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Michael, under the guidance of their father, Joe Jackson. Along with career he was "fairy" Disco Diana Ross, whom Jackson's five share the same label, Motown. That's when Jackson Five, marked by colored shirts, pants evasion and Afro hairstyle. Their success is immense. Michael child begins very quickly a solo career in 1970. in 1979, oversees production producer Quincy Jones album "Off the Wall", attended by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.The album sold 11 million copies in. Legend Michael Jackson begins here.

Michael become firm that California bought it in 1988 in the residence and park attractions and a baptized Neverland, as a tribute to the model, Peter Pan, the kid who did not want to grow. Also in 1988 he published his autobiography "Moonwalk".

n 2003, it aired the documentary "Living with Michael Jackson" (Living with Michael Jackson), in which the star said he had no problem to sleep with their children. The film is a boy aged 13 years, which will bring a legal action against states, after he told that happening often, night, together with his brother Michael's room. After three months of investigation, the police undertake an extensive search warrants at Neverland, ranch state. On November 20, Jackson surrenders to police and is arrested, but released on bail after one hour of detention. On December 18 is officially indicted for sexual assault.
In 2004, pleads guilty to first issue to justice, turned into a big media show
In 2005, the process begins in January 31 and in June is due. Withdraw from California to live, among others, in Bahrain, the Gulf, then in Europe and Las Vegas.
In 2006, to November 16 following the stage in London for the first time after nine years at the World Music Awards. Get in the crowd boos, could not play after only a few verses of "We Are The World"
In 2009, reinstall in California in January. In early March, Michael announces a series of concerts in London for July in the capital of Great Britain, confirming the return to the stage