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After the great success last year with the dj Tiesto Global Dance Festival proved to be the ultimate dance event of the summer!
Over 12,000 spectators experienced a unique musical experience. Special effects, music and sounds made the night memorable July 4th!
This year the Global Dance Festival returns with guests that grace the top 10 in the world!


The Dutch producer and dj, voted for three consecutive years (08/09/2007) The No. 1 DJ in the world (!) According to the DJ MAG TOP 100. H weekly show called «State of Trance» has more than 30 million listeners in over 40 countries and is most popular in the world!
He visited Greece several times raising more and more fans. This time it will enjoy a unique show for the first time in our country!


Born in Southampton and a resident of Manchester o Gareth Emery is a producer and dj in the world of trance. With diverse musical backgrounds and influences, studied piano, jazz and a little punk rock evolved in a few years in one of the biggest djs of trance.
From the moment he entered the Top 100 DJ Mag 2006 the rise was fast ... # 34 in 2006, # 31 in 2007, # 23 in 2008, culminating in the top 10 in 2009!
Expected to be one of the world's next stars of trance with Paul Van Dyke and Ferry Corsten to believe this with interviews in the DJ MAG TOP 100 INTERVIEWS!

Grammy nominated DJ / Remixer DAVE AUDE

O No 1 remixer in the world in 2009, has 18 remixes, which climbed to No. 1 in Billboard!!!
With massive remixes for names such as U2, Sting, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Coldplay, Pussycat Dolls, Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, Donna Summer, Faith No More, Gorillaz and many more ....

He has three hit singles: "Floor filler tune" (US Dance # 20-1999), "Common Ground" (US Dance # 4-2006) and "Make it Last" (US Dance # 1-2007) together with its own label Audacious Records.
He was also curator of the musical world tour of Pussycat Dolls in 2009.


O Kostas K (ECOTEK) is a Greek accomplished musician and DJ, founder of the Global Dance Festival. He has collaborated with prominent DJs, artists and labels abroad and has assets of successes that went Top 10 in the techno charts.
Born in Athens, studied music at a very low degree in music with the guitar and drums.
He lives in America while the Global Dance Festival collaborates with artists and major labels as the label of Tiesto Magik Music, Ultra Records, Records and Chtravaganza Mirror Music.
In late June released its new global single Ecotek feat Elijah entitled "Into the night" on Ultra Records New York / ekotecmusic


We knew from All This Love that we hear constantly on the radio although the house became known producer from the remix made in «Dirty Sunday» Phatjack of which first appeared in the collection «Nu Soundz of Everything Volume 1» but was included recently in collection "This is Audiotherapy» of Dave Seaman!

To album «Season One» by Sound of Everything offered in Dimi Phaze wide recognition. The success of All This Love (with vocals of Mary Jeras) especially loved while «Underwater» used in the film

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director Alain Resnais

How you decided to film the novel L'Incident, by Christian Gailly?

Producer Livia Jean-Louis asked me to assist him with filming. At first, he wanted to be an adaptation of a theater. I read dozens of songs already when I came by chance over a novel by Christian Gailly, book I found a charming, humorous and melancholy. I was so seduced by another novel that I read and I immediately phoned the next day, Jean-Louis Livia to say: "That sound, that we seek blue note of weeks, I found it. Gailly's writing is so musical that if talking to someone after finishing one of his books, we speak as one of his characters. The dialogues are like his solo numbers. Irene Lindon, director of Editions of Minuit, who published his books Gailly, told us that the film rights to 12 of them are available. Then I wanted to meet with Gailly.He gave me all freedom to choose the book then you shoot, after I had read only four. Seemed worried by the idea that a film will be confused because he had all the energy in the draft at that time. When I proposed shy not ever bother him, not to require additional scenes, or to ask advice about the roles of actors and adapt or not to show as a movie than a standard childrenwill approve or not. Then I saw a big smile on his face. Next day I read novels that I was left to be discovered and I suggested to Jean-Louis L'Livia to film the incident, which he thought already. This book was the most expensive camera, but Livia, with executive producer Julie Salvador, considered it worthwhile to seek adventure.

What has seduced you most about L'Incident?

I was marked by the persistence of Georges and Marguerite Muir Palette, actors, who are unable to resist irrational need of compliance actions, demonstrating an incredible vitality that we consider a race to the error. L'incident speaks of "the desire to want" (Livia's expression is), this desire has left George in anything, even before a meeting on Marguerite, with whom he talked on the phone.

Why have you given the title of wild grasses?

I thought the title match those characters who are completely irrational instincts, like herbs that are roots through cracks in the pavement in some city or on some rocks in the country adrift.
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