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On June 11th FIFA World Cup starts, the most important sports competition in the world. It is the first time this event is held every four years, is organized on the African continent, namely South Africa. As we used before are home all kinds of projections about who will win the title supreme, surprises and disappointments that are, or what players will come on stage along with the World.

Almost universally accepted is that Spain has the best chance to prevail, the proof is the results of the last two years, and fantastic game which can be summarized by his statement after the match Thierry Henry France - Spain 0-2: "You can not get the ball! " . Second on my list of favorite team is Brazil, which always came when a World with a team that did not seem the favorite, managed to win, in addition to this, the Brazilians are doing much better when the World Cup is not carried in Europe. Good chance to see them also in Argentina, England and Holland, followed by Italy, France and Germany. In terms of surprises, they may come from "African Nationals, but especially from the nightmare of Romania, Serbia, the team are confident it will exceed expectations at the World Cup.

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