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According to research from ChangeWave Research conducted in the United States last December and announced on 4.1.2010, the Google Android shows a clear increase in user preferences, the operating system of choice for following a smartphone market.

Features and said that by September 2009 Android was unable to win more than 6% of future buyers, within three months, the percentage ypetriplasiastike and reached 21%. The rapid increase was shown to the detriment of the iPhone and Windows Mobile, Palm OS / Web OS while the proportion of Intent for Blackberry remains essentially constant. However, the iPhone's lead among all major decisions in U.S. market share 28% of future buyers intentions.

n Finally, two interesting also from the same study are as follows: first, the market for smartphones in the U.S. is growing share among all mobile phone users has reached 42% to 15% was held in October 2006. Secondly, very high level of satisfaction with their phone users say the iPhone and Android devices (77% and 72%) and in last place are Windows Mobile devices happy state where only 25% of users.

Design: Touch Screen, Expansion slot: No, OS: Mac OS, display number: 1, Display resolution: 320 x 480, Camera: Yes, Resolution camera: 2 megapixel camera Maximum Resolution: 1600 x 1200, Blitz Board: No, Port infra: No, Bluetooth: Yes WiFi: Yes GPRS: Yes, EDGE: Yes, Connectivity HSCSD: No, GPS Module: Yes, ...

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