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A reference to Africa, is often too distant from the sense of infinity, it seems mysterious and unattainable within the film. But when you come into contact with Chan Lai-sun in Africa to enjoy its vast expanse of earth, cool and bright blue sky Clear, lively jumping desert animals and wonderful arts and culture, after which many original landscape ethnic and rich colors will make you praise and reluctant one memorable afternoon.

The "rainbow collage
fly in the Kingdom of the Garden of Eden", an image that Africa will not be remote, not a dark continent, nor is a general impression that is full of traditional areas of hunger and poverty. This film is the integration of the beauty of nature and civilization paradise.Although few people, most modern Western society-technology products, it is more than nature has given vast landscape and breadth of vision, in general, people know Tin Lok life, made life living sunrise sunset, the sun and Heaven and Earth months share gas, and always warm embrace of the African earth.

Want to know the particular intercontinental, we feel curious and fun to explore this beautiful land.

1, Africa historic development

Africa is "Afrika Island" is shorthand, Latin is intended to mean "place where the hot sun," Afrir Phoenician text is "black" means. Africa is the cradle of humanity, known as the "home of mankind," he said, about
一千五百万年 ago, African monkeys were many. In 1974, the Kenya Ethiopia border was found over 300 million years ago female ape-man fossils, "Lucy" was considered to be a world first through the rain forest and began to walk woman remains upright, the scientists will be the Great Rift Valley known as the cradle "of humanity."

UNESCO northeastern Egypt, North Africa, based in Memphis, the Nile and the West Bank and its base and a pyramid on the World Heritage List, as Memphis built the city last five thousand years of history can be observed that the development of civilization in Africa in the world as old as the other continents

n 1487, Portuguese Bartolomeu Dias, in encouraging the king, led the ship sailing from the south coast of Africa, arrived in South Africa's Cape of Good Hope. Over the voyage, the Portuguese brought more men and artillery to defeat organized resistance throughout the Indian Ocean, has established a number of commercial and military posts, and ultimately control the route leading to the East. The discovery of new routes in Europe has many assets, has brought pain and suffering in Africa.

Africa has a long history, vast, many tribes, coupled with its natural mineral wealth, just ordinary people, but has incurred unexpectedly coveted by foreign powers divided up the situation and, fortunately, twenty-first century, African countries have been out of colonial rule We expect also that the international wave of democracy under the hegemony of Western countries can compete in the mentality of power politics, so that Africa out of the shadow of the colonial period to rebuild the beautiful African garden of Eden.

additions to existing religious tribal religions, Christianity and Islam. Ritual ancient rock art in Africa can find its way .. Archaeologists sculptures of prehistoric rock art paintings in Africa and classified as the period of naturalism "" 12,000 BC - 8000 years, to an elephant, rhino, giraffe sculpture, primarily, etc.. "Round" period of about 8000-4000 BC, sculpture and painting have to co-exist, in addition to specific animals, there were scenes of ritual, "grazing period" 4000-1500 BC, in order to cattle-based. "Horse time" BC 1500 - the year the first year of the first year after the year is called "Camel period."

In South Africa, KwaZulu - Natal Drakensberg rock paintings found in Africa Yongsan (Rock Art), we explore the Bush era in the life of ancient hunting and religious observance. Most of Africa's rock art is carved in stone on the cliff or stone, its color is a mixture of animal blood limestone soil, animal fat, bone marrow, milk and protein Grinding will be painted in caves made from rocks. Although After thousands of years of natural weathering, the natural color of their style of ancient remains.

Petroglife registered African tribes living in this nation, from birth to death, faced a variety of ceremonies and celebrations, including birth to adulthood, court, marriage, coronation, seasonal worship, evil funeral. The oldest rock paintings are history, rock art conservation for these age old culture and life of Africans and leave behind precious records

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