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Some games invented spontaneously and automatically, while others evolved in several stages, for a period of time.
To play tennis has a long history, which was the ancient Greeks and Romans, football games later became France game, called ((Jaidi paume)) and were probably ancestors of the game of tennis.
Word ((Tennis)), probably came from the French word ((Tenne)) means ((Get it and play)).
Some experts believe that this game began in Egypt and Iran, before the reign of King Arthur Charlemagne.
By 1300, we knew the game ((At boude)).
During the fourteenth century, took place this game in all parts of France.
In fact, the passion, France is noble, often for the game, even if King Louis X, died of cold, which was injured during the game, which then was like a game of tennis.
Called the game, the game of ownership, as kings of France and England have shown great interest in them.
Vhenri II was one of the best tennis player in France, and was later King Louis XIV, a regular tennis courts care of tiles missing.
And word came from the courts, for the first time in a book published in 1400.

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