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After that in 2005 almost disappeared from the public scene after his acquittal in the case of a process that has been resounding accused of sexual abuse of a minor, Michael Jackson, aged 50 years, has reappeared in March in order to United announces return to the London concert scene with 50. But a return short-lived because the concerts were supposed to represent the curtain falls on a career started 40 years earlier.

In the years 1962-1964, is released the band Jackson Five, consisting of Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Michael, under the guidance of their father, Joe Jackson. Along with career he was "fairy" Disco Diana Ross, whom Jackson's five share the same label, Motown. That's when Jackson Five, marked by colored shirts, pants evasion and Afro hairstyle. Their success is immense. Michael child begins very quickly a solo career in 1970. in 1979, oversees production producer Quincy Jones album "Off the Wall", attended by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.The album sold 11 million copies in. Legend Michael Jackson begins here.

Michael become firm that California bought it in 1988 in the residence and park attractions and a baptized Neverland, as a tribute to the model, Peter Pan, the kid who did not want to grow. Also in 1988 he published his autobiography "Moonwalk".

n 2003, it aired the documentary "Living with Michael Jackson" (Living with Michael Jackson), in which the star said he had no problem to sleep with their children. The film is a boy aged 13 years, which will bring a legal action against states, after he told that happening often, night, together with his brother Michael's room. After three months of investigation, the police undertake an extensive search warrants at Neverland, ranch state. On November 20, Jackson surrenders to police and is arrested, but released on bail after one hour of detention. On December 18 is officially indicted for sexual assault.
In 2004, pleads guilty to first issue to justice, turned into a big media show
In 2005, the process begins in January 31 and in June is due. Withdraw from California to live, among others, in Bahrain, the Gulf, then in Europe and Las Vegas.
In 2006, to November 16 following the stage in London for the first time after nine years at the World Music Awards. Get in the crowd boos, could not play after only a few verses of "We Are The World"
In 2009, reinstall in California in January. In early March, Michael announces a series of concerts in London for July in the capital of Great Britain, confirming the return to the stage

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