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Glenn Miller Orchestra

Prague - One of the most popular swing orchestras of the world, Glenn Miller Orchestra, after more than a year back to Prague. 9th January 2010 to eight in the evening show went Municipal House program and Swing bandleader WILA Saldena evening of elegance. For a great public interest was added fifth concert in the afternoon.

The concert consists of well-known swing and jazz songs, not only to shop its founder, Glenn Miller, but U.S. and other legends of this kind in 40 to 80 century. Moreover, for every ticket sold in price range 590 - 1690 CZK contribute an important partner concert BBH Endowment Fund Foundation crowns Teresa Maxová children. More information can be found on the web /-Glenn Miller-orchestra.php.

1942, Glenn Miller came up with the idea to cooperate with S. u. Air Force and established the U.S. Air Force Orchestra. Glenn Miller's life ended at the age of forty years in an unexplained plane crash ever (layout route from London to Paris left), but his fame has not faded. Tex Beneke, Glennova Orchestra, founded the New Glenn Miller Orchestra at the end of World War II. In 1956 the orchestra took over the Ray McKinley, a former drummer of Miller Air Force Orchestra, and bandleader was far more.

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